People who are most likely to commit workplace violence include:

Behaviors Linked to Potential Workplace Violence
  • Recently fired employees or those with the perception that he/she soon will be fired or laid off
  • The employee who feels that he/she is not being heard
  • The person involved in separation, adultery, divorce or child custody
  • People who believe they have no voice about changes in their job
  • People with romantic or sexual obsessions
  • People (employees or others, i.e.: visitors) who have exhibited bizarre behaviors
  • People who have made threats or have intimidated others
  • People who have exhibited angry outbursts
  • Employees with a history of interpersonal conflict with coworkers or supervisors
  • People that often have a sense of persecution/injustice
  • People with a history of past violence
  • People who report a past history of violence by family members, especially if they can justify past violent behaviors
  • People who have exhibited major behavioral changes
  • People with a past history of alcohol or other drug abuse and/or psychiatric problems
  • Employees that cannot take criticism and show contempt for the company and the boss
  • People involved in stalking behavior or discussing stalking as a good thing
  • People that exhibit feelings of desperation, such as divestment of valued property or other indicators of impending suicide

An additional factor is gender. A number of studies reveal that males ages, 30 to 48 account for most workplace violence. It is estimated that perpetrators are males 85% to 95% of the time and females only 5% to 15% of the time.

Source: First Sun EAP

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