Workplace Safety and Security Cases

When workplace safety and security has been seriously compromised, or any kind of major incident occurs, companies must deal with potential financial consequences, negative publicity, internal gossip, and decreased productivity. The correct response can make or break a company. Smart business owners have discovered that appropriate employee training can decrease negativity and increase productivity. Employees must be well trained and prepared to avoid or minimize future situations.

Fredrickson Consulting has provided consulting and training to many organizations following a major incident.

  • Fortune 100 Company – A presentation to employees of a marketing division following a funeral of a murdered co-worker. The training presentation was mixed with an open Q&A forum, calming fears and increasing productivity.

  • Media Company – On-site presentation after an on-air employee was viciously stalked. There was widespread fear and concern because of the company’s open door policies and lax attitudes towards security. New policies and procedures were recommended and step-by-step training on dealing with a stalking situation.

  • Utility Company – Created customized training after three serious workplace violence incidents: an employee was bullied by a gang, another was threatened with a gun, and a third was assaulted. Training focused on stopping workplace violence and identifying red flags for an escalating situation.

  • Manufacturer – Conducted an investigation into workplace violence which indicated underlying internal thefts and tampering of goods. Certain employees were conspiring to damage both the profits and reputation of the company. Supervisors trained in an interactive session including role-playing to recognize suspicious behavior and disgruntled employees.

  • Fast Food Restaurant – Conducted an internal investigation pertaining to employee theft which led to the arrest and prosecution of an employee for multiple counts of felony theft. District and regional managers were trained to better recognize signs of internal theft, how to handle the situation, and how to properly communicate the issue.

Please read our Workplace Safety Case Study.

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