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Workplace Safety and Security Consulting Services

Some of the greatest risks faced by corporate management and human resources departments arise out of threats to workplace safety and security. These can include physical violence, threats, intimidation, harassment, vandalism, even identity theft or other critical information theft. Besides the company itself, they can impact employees, clients, and visitors. In the majority of cases, these incidents occur during or subsequent to the termination of a high-risk employee.

Beyond the possibility of tragedy or damaging business losses, legal and social mandates require that employers provide a safe work environment to their employees. A damaging criminal incident puts a company at great risk for legal liabilities, crippling lawsuits, and terrible publicity. The best plan is to have a solid plan in place beforehand, with well-defined policies and procedures.

Defusing a Workplace Safety Crisis

Fredrickson Consulting offers on-site or remote consulting services both in planning sound workplace safety policies and procedures and resolving ongoing urgent situations. With more than twenty years’ experience as a workplace safety and security consultant following a long career in law enforcement, Duane A. Fredrickson is uniquely qualified to step in and bring a satisfactory resolution to any threatening situation. He will evaluate the situation and assess the real risk, and then create a realistic plan. If warranted, he will come on-site to implement his plan, ensure that every precaution is in place, and to coordinate the roles of each part of your team (Legal, HR, IT, Management, Law Enforcement). All measures are taken to limit your liability, such as creating bulletproof documentation (after interviewing and questioning all parties involved) and professionally de-escalating the situation in person. He will also act as your liaison to law enforcement when necessary.

Workplace Safety Situations That Require Immediate Action

Examples of Fredrickson Consulting Cases

Prevent Workplace Safety Violations Before They Happen

Here are other ways Fredrickson Consulting can help you reduce risk and ensure workplace safety:

  • Develop crisis management procedures so your team can handle all possible problem situations.
  • Prepare front-desk personnel (they see and hear it all) to report, respond appropriately, and communicate effectively in any situation.
  • Build a workplace safety policy that includes comprehensive tracking and reporting systems
  • Show your team what to do – and not to do – in cases of stalking, violent threats, vandalism or other situations that pose a potential danger to your company, its property, and its employees, clients, visitors.

Work with a true security expert to develop a detailed policy with safety measures and standards your company needs now. We stay on top of changes in the law, watch trends, and tell you what needs to be done to protect your employees as well as your bottom line.

Tips to Prevent Workplace Safety Violations

Behaviors Linked to Potential Workplace Violence

Take the Risk Out of High-Risk Terminations or Any Layoffs

Mr. Fredrickson is highly skilled at personally managing on-site terminations, high-risk terminations, and small or large scale layoffs, having done so for more than fifty corporations. He executes a detailed and tightly coordinated plan to handle all manner of terminations safely and consistently. The service can include conducting the actual termination meeting, escorting the employee off the premises, recovering company property, and inventorying then returning the employee’s property.

Other benefits of partnering with Fredrickson Consulting

  • You avoid the emotional turmoil of having to deal with a high-risk termination or other confrontations.
  • We coordinate all departments (Legal, HR, Security, IT, and Senior Management) to seamlessly handle terminations and achieve the best possible outcome.
  • Our law enforcement resources and relationships accelerate response and protect your staff.
  • After dealing with hundreds of cases, we know exactly what works – and what doesn’t.
  • We can conduct the actual terminations and/or coordinate your efforts and/or recover your company property.

Recommendations for Safe Terminations

Top Ten Tips for Safe Terminations

Prevent Identity Theft and Other Critical Data Losses

While identity theft or other critical data theft is increasingly common in all segments of society, it is especially associated with high-risk terminations or other layoffs. Employees who suspect they are about to be fired may feel free to grab whatever they can. Emails and other communications are often an easy target. Mr. Fredrickson brings years of investigative skills as a police detective sergeant in tracking down and recovering company property or data. He also lectures and gives comprehensive seminars on personal identity theft.

Top Ten Tips for Identity Theft Protection

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