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“Fredrickson Consulting prepares clients for the unexpected. Managing risk is critical in a business setting and Duane’s services help clients mitigate risk.”

Teresa Morrow, Vice President, Minneapolis Foundation, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Of the twenty-four different training sessions that our state park staff attended as part of the conference, your session, ‘Be Your Own Bodyguard…Create a Safe Work Environment’ received the highest rating.”

Paul Kurvers, Minnesota State Parks, Department of Natural Resources

“I was amazed when I came to the meeting room at the end of your session and saw how many people were staying to ask you questions. Thank you for being so gracious and taking the extra time to talk with everyone.”

Ann Boley, Convention and Trade Show Coordinator, International Roller Skating Association

“We were very impressed with your presentations at Land O’Lakes. The interaction between you and the audience was enthusiastic and encouraging.”

Marilyn Broding, Quality Education Team, Land O’Lakes

“The comments from our employees ranged from ‘I loved it’ to ‘presenters were experts with strong communication skills.’ I appreciated your willingness to work with our committee to identify our specific needs and tailor your seminar to address these needs.”

Sue Light, Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare

“The evaluations from your presentation and the feedback has been nothing short of wonderful… In fact, your presentation left people wanting more! Your real life examples really hit home with the audience and painted a clear picture of smart workplace safety.”

Jamie Langlois, Work/Family Coordinator, Employee Assistance Resource Center 3M

“Your dynamic training event was highly interactive and all sessions were handled expertly from presentation style to answering participant’s questions. Thank you for a job well done.”

Marlowe R. Bryce, Organizational Development Specialist, U.S. Army Communications Electronics Command

Personal Commendation

“Your service in the United States Army Reserve helped defend the ideals that make our country strong, and your patriotism continues to inspire us today as we work to advance peace and extend freedom.”

George W. Bush, President

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