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Fredrickson Consulting brings extensive experience in workplace safety and security as well as law enforcement to two informative seminars which should be of interest to both management and employees: Safe Terminations and Identity Theft. These highly interactive, entertaining and engaging seminars have long been popular with our clients. They may be customized for your company’s needs, or we can create a custom seminar on any workplace safety and security topic. We offer a digital copy of the extensive class manual to the client who may make printed copies for employees attending the classes.

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Safe Terminations: Are You Prepared or Tomorrow’s Headline News?

Sam is about to be fired. You followed your progressive discipline policy to the letter. Sam’s manager and HR have rehearsed the termination and know exactly what to say and do. But what about Sam’s threats over the past few weeks? What if his “big talk” about violence turns real?

Are you really as prepared as you think you are?

The tragedy about workplace violence as a direct result of terminations –even terminations that are handled by the book – is that most times, it’s preventable.

Many violent and even deadly terminations could have been avoided if managers had said and done the right things – and brought in the right authorities at the appropriate times.

Savvy organizations are realizing how critical it is to teach every manager the right way to ensure “Safe Terminations.”

With today’s challenging employment environment, the pressure, fear, and anxiety facing newly terminated workers makes even the most routine layoffs or terminations risky and unpredictable.

That’s why we invite you and your entire team to join us for Safe Terminations: Are You Prepared or Tomorrow’s Headline News?

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Identity Theft – When Bad Things Happen to Your Good Name

Identity theft is on the rise, and every employee in every organization is at risk now more than ever.

The financial and emotional costs of repairing your identity can be huge, requiring months or even years of hassle and expense. As a manager inside an organization, it’s even worse – you may be unknowingly exposing your company to huge fines, legal liability and damage to you reputation.

Identity theft goes beyond the financial

  • Could your medical records be contaminated?
  • Could someone else be using your Social Security number?
  • Could a criminal be committing crimes in your name?

In 2012 there were 16.6 million victims of identity theft, with financial losses totaling $24.7 billion (from the Bureau of Justice Statistics). You chances of becoming a victim are greater than ever.

Find out why most people don’t discover that they have become a victim for over 14 months. You’ll see how early detection can save you countless hours of time and anguish. Learn the most recent scams, and identify the red flags of someone targeting you, your family, or your company, and learn how to avoid them. You will get a step by step plan of exactly what to do, who to call, and how to quickly assess and contain the damage should you become a victim of identity theft.

This eye-opening, interactive seminar will make sure you and your organization are armed with the tools to secure your financial future and keep your good name.

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