When Bad Things Happen to Your Good Name

Participants in the Identity Theft seminar will learn:

  • How medical identity theft can endanger your life
  • Criminal identity theft & Social Security identity theft can negatively impact your life
  • All the latest scams and what to watch out for
  • About phishing, vishing, smishing & skimming
  • How vulnerable you really are
  • How to secure your financial status
  • To eliminate dangers of online shopping
  • 15 steps to bulletproof your identity
  • How and why to get credit reports
  • A step by step process of what to do if you become a victim
  • A step by step process to clear your name

Class Outline

  1. About Identity Theft
    • What is Identity theft – beyond the financial implications?
    • How does an Identity Thief get your info?
    • How does an Identity Thief use your personal information?
    • Child Identity Theft
    • Warning Signs
  2. Know your Liability Limits
  3. How to Prevent Identity Theft
    • Adopt a need to know approach to your personal data
    • Social Security and credit card issues
    • Staying safe while traveling
    • Increase your personal security
    • Passwords
    • Secure your financial status
    • Protect a deceased relative
    • Protect your identity on the web
    • Child/Teen Identity Theft
    • Social media websites
    • 15 Steps to Prevent Identity theft
    • 7 Action Steps
  4. You are a victim – What now? A step by step list:
    • Who you need to contact and in what order
    • How to keep records
    • How to take control of the situation and secure your future finances:
      • Placing fraud alerts
      • Contacting check verification companies
      • A long list of essential names and numbers should you become a victim of Identity theft
  5. Resources
    • A list of Credit Bureaus
    • Marketing list removal – Do not call list info
    • Personal history websites
    • Identity Theft Checklist.

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