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Participants in the Safe Terminations seminar will learn:

  • The #1 mistake managers make when terminating employees
  • A consistent, repeatable, trainable 10-step process for safe terminations
  • How to develop and deploy a threat assessment team before you need it
  • How to remove emotion and rationally assess potentially violent employees
  • Which outside resources can help ensure safe terminations – and which can’t
  • 6 keys for ensuring physical security during the termination meeting
  • How and when to use Orders of Protection and Restraining Orders
  • 7 pre-attack indicators every employee needs to know
  • 13 de-escalation tactics that can immediately reduce the risk of violence
  • 11 best practices for safe terminations
  • Preparing for your next termination and action planning

Class Outline

  1. Preparing for Terminations (Action Plan)
    • Pre-Termination Documentation
    • Co-ordination of Resources
    • Create a checklist for collecting company owned property
    • Information security management – turning off access
    • Risk Assessment
    • Determine on-site or off-site termination
  2. Using Outside Consultants
    • Security Consultants
    • Law Enforcement
    • Security Guards
    • Lawyers
    • EAP and Outsourcing service
  3. Physical Security
    • Choosing room for terminations
    • Layout of the room
    • Number of people handling the situation – inside and outside of room
    • Emergency Code
  4. Tools for Safe Termination
    • Trespass Letter
    • Orders of Protection
    • Severance Package
    • Enhanced security procedures
  5. Emotional Tug of War
    • Signs of Anger
    • Red Flags of people who will lose control
  6. Characteristics of At Risk Work Environments

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