Fredrickson Consulting seminars offer far more than simply lecturing to an audience. Studies have shown that adults learn best when they are part of the solution and when they are involved in the process. We use numerous methods to involve your participants in the training. These include: Role-playing, Brainstorming, Q&A, Case Studies, Storytelling, Quizzes, Small group activities, Demonstrations, Large group activities, Conversations, Problem solving, and Pair & share.

  • We include participants in the planning of their learning. Studies have shown that top-down prearranged training is less effective than programs in which all of the participants have input into the program content. We obtain input from selected participants ahead of the training.

  • We believe training is a process, and not an event. Clients are encouraged to create a “supportive transfer climate” where training participants are encouraged to apply their learning after returning to work. Follow up assistance such as individual coaching, peer mentoring, and refresher course are encouraged. We always offer a short follow-up session 30 days after the initial training.

  • Our adult focused instructional approach takes into account the experience and knowledge that adults bring to the session. Its goal is to expand upon and refine this prior knowledge by connecting it to the information we provide.

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